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5 Common Causes Of A Leaking AC Unit

March 29, 2022

If you think that seeing water drip down your AC is a typical scenario in every home, you should be aware that it is not the case. An air conditioner unit should release some moisture but not in a messy, puddling form. If you experience this in your home's AC unit, you should know that it could mean a problem with your system and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Here are 5 Common Causes Of A Leaking AC Unit And Solutions.

Potential Cause #1: Your Condensate Drain Line Is Clogged

One of the reasons your air conditioning unit may be leaking water is a clogged condensate drain line. The drain line may take the condensation or moisture out of the AC. This is the line you should check if your AC is wet on the inside. 

If you have a condensate pump, you have to check the pump's inlet to ensure that it is not clogged. If it is blocked, the condensation will go back in your AC and leak out from the outdoor unit.

What You Can Do

  • Step 1: Check the condensate drain line and ensure it is not clogged.
  • Step 2: Remove the obstruction from the condensate drain line.

Potential Cause #2: Your Drain Pan Is Damaged or Rusted

When you've checked the condensate drain line, the next thing you should do is to determine if your AC's drain pan is damaged or rusted. As the condensation from the AC is drained into the drain pan, it needs to be able to remove the water properly. A damaged or rusty drain pan can trap the water and cause it to leak into your home's AC again.

What You Can Do

  • Step 1: Check the drain pan underneath your air conditioning unit.
  • Step 2: Remove the rust or damage from your AC's drain pan.

Potential Cause #3: Your Drain Line Is Disconnected

Another possible cause of your AC leaking is a disconnected drain line. The drain line is the pipe you see on the outside of your AC, and it has a fitting, enabling the water to be drained to the outdoors. If the fitting is not connected, the condensation cannot be drained away.

What You Can Do

  • Step 1: Check the drain line to see if it is connected properly.
  • Step 2: Connect the drain line if it is disconnected.

Potential Cause #4: Your Condensate Pump or Float Switch Is Broken

If your AC is leaking water and your other checks do not reveal any problems, you may need to check the condensate pump or float switch. Both of them can be a reason for the dripping water.

What You Can Do

  • Step 1: Check the float switch or condensate pump.
  • Step 2: Repair or replace the broken component. Seek the help of a professional if you do not know how to repair it independently.

Potential Cause #5: There Is a Buildup of Condensation 

If you have tried all of the steps above, but nothing works, it is time to check your interior and exterior drain lines for condensation buildup. It happens when there is an excessive amount of condensation inside the AC. If there is a lot of condensation build-up inside the air conditioner, it could be causing the problem.

What You Can Do

  • Step 1: Check the drain line inside of the AC.
  • Step 2: Remove the condensation build-up inside the AC.
  • Step 3: Clean the condensation tubing. Call emergency HVAC services if you do not know how to do it. 


If you have tried all of the steps above, but your AC is still leaking water, you may need to call a service technician. It is possible that the inside and outside components malfunction and need to be replaced. Or, it is also possible that your AC unit is old and it may be better to replace it with a new one.

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