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6 Warning Signs of an HVAC Emergency

May 12, 2022

When is it considered an air-conditioner emergency? You can call it summer or winter, but in the case of an HVAC emergency (or in our case, an AC emergency), it's all the same. Here are 6 warning signs you have an HVAC emergency:

  1. Burning Smell - This could indicate carbon monoxide, which is very harmful and could affect the health of you and your family members at the same time. If the smell persists, do not delay calling the emergency service experts.
  2. Inadequate Air Flow - This could be a sign of blocked or damaged ducts. If you find it hard to get airflow in the room that you are in, it is an HVAC emergency.
  3. Popping Noises - Inexplicable popping or cracking sounds coming from your air conditioner could mean failure or damage to the air conditioner itself. This could end up in a fire or failure to function at all.
  4. Thwapping or Whistling Sounds - Whistling or thwapping sounds from the air conditioner could mean that there is a failure to the coil, which could lead to extensive damage if not attended to immediately.
  5. Clicking Sound - You might have heard that clicking sound from your air conditioner at times. That could be the compressor locking. This could mean overloading of the unit and could bring about extensive damage if not attended to immediately.
  6. Frozen Coils in the Summer - This could be the indication that your unit is working above its capacity. It means that there is an urgent need for a filter cleaning and for the unit to be replaced or repaired.

What to Do During an HVAC Emergency?

In case you experience any of the above-mentioned signs, you should immediately shut down the air conditioner and call the professionals.

How to Avoid an HVAC emergency?

There are measures that you could take to avoid an HVAC emergency. These are:

  • Change your filters at least every three months. This would help in reducing the load of the AC unit.
  • Alert your HVAC company for a check-up at present and every three months. This would help in knowing the condition of your unit in time.
  • Clean the outdoor unit. If you are using a window AC unit, make sure that you check your window panes and window frames. Any foreign object in the window frames could hamper the functioning of the unit.
  • Keep your unit well ventilated. Ensure that you keep the area surrounding the system well ventilated and free from clutter.
  • Keep the HVAC system clean. The inside of the unit must be kept clean to avoid blocking the ducts or the circuitry.

Maintain the right temperature. It is important to maintain the right temperature in your room. Setting the temperature at a lower level would help to reduce the load on the AC system. An HVAC emergency can be very costly and could mean extensive damage to your unit. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, you should call the professionals immediately. For emergencies, Leifson Brothers HVAC is here for you. We offer 24-hour emergency HVAC service. Get in touch with us!

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