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Get Your Furnace Serviced in the Summertime

July 18, 2022

Although it might seem counterintuitive, summer is the perfect season to get your annual heating system maintenance. People use less heat during the summer than they would during colder months. Sometimes they go months without turning on the heat, so get your furnace serviced in the summertime. It's still best to get your system services. Whether it's a combustion furnace or a heat pump, be prepared when the cold returns.

HVAC maintenance, in general, is important and why summer is the best time to get your system checked out. It includes benefits to your comfort and well-being as well as your budget. Keep in mind that this is not a do-it-yourself process. Full system tuneups or repairs should be left in the hands of a qualified professional. HVAC systems are complicated, occasionally fragile, and in some cases even dangerous to work on.

Why Heating System Maintenance Is Important

Getting your heating system maintained on a yearly basis is important for its longevity, as well as its day-to-day efficiency. Without maintaining your heating system, you are likely to run into higher energy bills than you might expect due to this diminished efficiency. Also, your house won't be as warm as you'd like, despite you paying more for heat. To stay comfortable during seasons of harsh cold, you'll want to keep your system in top shape even if you don't use it often.

What Goes Into a Furnace Maintenance Inspection?

A furnace inspection will go something as follows. First, your technician will replace your air filter. They will then inspect the thermostat to ensure that its temperature matches that of the heater. After this, your heater's blower motor is up for inspection. If necessary, your technician will clean and/or lubricate the motor to ensure its best performance. Finally, they will test and troubleshoot all the system's electrical components. They will also take note of other details like the condition of your furnace's pilot light or for modern models, its electronic ignition.

In the best-case scenario, the once-over described above will cover your yearly maintenance without a hitch. In other cases, parts may need repair or replacement, and that will cost you a little more. Luckily, getting your system serviced ahead of time will save you money!

What Is the Advantage of Getting Your Furnace Serviced in Its Off-Season?

Aside from the reasons mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are two more reasons to get your furnace serviced in the summer. The first is that you can catch major problems before they turn into emergencies. If your furnace or heat pump's blower motor has an issue that you haven't noticed because you haven't turned it on in a while, it could come back to bite you when you need it most. Fixing a malfunctioning motor early is especially important because deteriorating motors are more difficult and more expensive to maintain. The same is true of the furnace or heat pump's electrical components.

Another great reason to get your furnace serviced ahead of schedule is that technician availability for heating systems will be at an all-time high for the year during the summer. On the other hand, if you wait it out, they might not be able to see you when you are already stuck in the cold. They may be willing to give you a slightly better deal on their fees during the summer as well. Technicians like to stay busy, and they will do anything they can to win over your business as a seasonal rush slows.

The earlier you get your furnace inspected the better. Catching problems early will save you money, technicians will be ready on call to help at a moment's notice, and best of all, you can guarantee that your system is in working order well ahead of winter, when you will rely on it. Don't hesitate to call on the professionals today for your annual heating system maintenance.

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