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Is Annual HVAC Maintenance Necessary?

May 31, 2022

The list of things that need regular maintenance in your house is obviously quite long. At some point, many homeowners will find themselves wondering how much of it is actually necessary and how much is based on incorrect data. You may ask yourself is annual HVAC maintenance necessary? The short answer, yes!

Living in the St. George area it’s crucial that your HVAC system is maintained each year. Although we rely on these systems to keep us comfortable in both the hot and cold months, replacing them is quite costly.

HVACs Go Through Major Wear and Tear

Compared to other appliances in your house, your HVAC is likely to undergo a significant amount of wear and tear. This is because of the nature of these appliances and the conditions under which they operate. HVAC systems have a lot of mechanical components that can generate a lot of friction. 

Apart from the heat that is generated from the heating system, the moving components also generate a significant amount of heat. Under these conditions, many components are likely to wear at a faster rate and will require regular adjustment or replacement.

You Don't Want Unexpected Breakdowns

The last thing you may want is for your HVAC system to break down unexpectedly. For starters, if this occurs in summer or winter, even finding someone to come and repair your system may take a long time due to the high demand for these services. Secondly, the prices are likely to be inflated in certain circumstances. Regular HVAC maintenance plays a crucial role in preventing these unexpected breakdowns.

Maintenance Is Cheaper than Repair

Annual maintenance is unlikely to cost a significant amount of money if you plan ahead for it. This investment will ensure that the system runs smoothly and that any potential issues can be fixed early. Waiting until the system breaks down before giving it any attention can greatly increase your bills, especially if the system is permanently damaged. Secondly, if the system isn't running under optimal conditions, it will be less energy efficient. This will result in a larger energy bill for you.

Maintaining your HVAC at least annually is a smart move. At Leifson Brothers we offer affordable fair pricing for annual HVAC maintenance throughout the St. George area. Additionally, simple activities such as cleaning air filters should be done even more frequently for the system to run smoothly, we can guide you through this process during your appointment.

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